Bartec Wheelrite TECH400

The Wheelrite TECH400 Plus is the flagship of aftermarket TPMS tools.   This tool supports the replacement of TPMS sensors and the reprogramming of the car, turns the warning light off and is designed to enable the reprogramming of those cars which do not have a ‘TPMS relearn’ facility in the engine management software of the vehicle.  It has a Universal OBD connector which enables communication via CANbus and K-line to the vehicle ECU.

Technicians can easily preselect the make/model/year using the menu system.  Data can be displayed on the large backlit screen or transferred to a PC to print out an audit of the car to show the customer.  This tool displays the replacement part number and service kit as well as the other data available including: sensor ID, PSI, battery status, temperature and advises the user if the wrong TPMS has been fitted.  The TECH400 Plus works with all cars on the market.

  • Launched with OBD software for Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia
  • Software updateable using a standard USB cable to a PC for all vehicle makes and models
  • Comes complete with integral rechargeable batteries in a molded carrying case with a USB cable, magnet (for older model sensors), protective rubber boot, user guide and recharge PSU

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